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Vigil Sash


What is Vigil?

Vigil is our highest honor in the Order of the Arrow. People who have been bestowed the honor of the Vigil have demonstrated the ideal and principles of the Order of the Arrow in everyday life. They are active in their Unit, District/Council, and Chapter/Lodge/OA.

How do I get Vigil?

Unlike Brotherhood you can't do some requirements or activities to receive the vigil membership. The only requirement of the Vigil before someone can nominate you is to be a dues paid member of the lodge and have held the Brotherhood Honor for at least two years. If you meet these requirements, someone can nominate you to a selection committee. The committee meets in late January. Then at a event, usually Spring fellowship. There will be a Vigil call-out ceremony.

Where can I find the nomination Form?

You can find the form on the lodge website. Please don't fraud yourself by asking people to nominate you or try to cheat the system. Word of that does get around.

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