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Ordeal Sash



Your are now ready for the Ordeal weekend. Just one thing, what is an Ordeal? What is it all about? Well, all you can know now is that it is an "Ordeal". However, there are some things you will need to know before hand.

How do I go to an Ordeal?

First you need to be elected in a Troop OA Election. If you got elected, you will find out by a call-out ceremony. If you get elected, your next step is the ordeal weekend. There are several opportunities to take your ordeal in Nentico lodge 12. The Four Rivers Chapter currently runs the May Ordeal. You can find the registration link on Nentico's website.

What is an Ordeal?

That is the main part of the story that I'm not going to get into that much. What I can say is that it will test you during the weekend. If you complete them, you will be inducted into the Order of the Arrow. The event will be fun but it will challenge you in ways you never thought you could do before. FYI, everyone that wears the sash of the OA has completed this event.

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