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The election process is the first step a scouter goes through in becoming a member of the Order of the Arrow. When a scout is elected, he/she is eligible to become a member of the Order by attending an Ordeal weekend.

Before The Election

Why have an Election?

Good question. The Order of the Arrow is the Honor Society of Scouting. It is similar to the Honor Society at your middle or high school except it is based on the accomplishments you have achieved in scouting. It is a way for the members of the unit to recognize their fellow scouts. The Order of the Arrow also provides additional training and leadership which can be taken back to their units and utilized. The Order of the Arrow provides interesting and new challenges, opportunities, and camping activities including trips to National High Adventure Bases.

How do I request an Election?

To request an election, please contact the Chapters Vice Chief of Inductions by emailing him at Your unit OA Representative is able to assist with the Election. He can help with introductions, passing out ballots and pens, and promoting the election during prior meetings. Troop OA members are encouraged to assist the Election team in conducting elections for other units.

It is suggested that your OA Troop/Team Representative contact the Vice Chief of Elections. If an OA Representative is not available, then the Scoutmaster or the OA Unit Representative Adviser should send an email requesting an Election. In the email, please provide the following information: Unit number, Name, and Position. In addition, please provide available dates your unit is available for an election. The Vice Chief of Elections will get back to you as soon as possible, please allow 2 weeks to schedule an election. It takes time to get a team together and for the Unit to collect the necessary information for the Election.

What does the Unit need to have at the Election?

The Unit needs to have the following at an Election:

  1. 51% of your current active youth in attendance.
  2. The Unit Election form completely filled out, which will be emailed to you after you request an election.
  3. All adult election forms completed and signed.
  4. Ballots with a list of all eligible youth, pens, and extra paper/ballots in case we need to redo the election.
  5. A device to show the DVD on either a large TV or projector.

What makes a Scout eligible?

Eligibility requirements:

  1. He is a registered member of the BSA and registered in the unit that is having the election.
  2. Must be under 21 years old at the time of election. Assistant Scoutmasters under 21 are considered Youth.
  3. Hold at least the First Class Scout rank.
  4. Has completed 15 days and night of camping in the last two years and has attended one summer-camp. Only one summer-camp can be used in the count of 15 days and nights.
  5. Be approved for eligibility by the Scoutmaster. Once the scoutmaster signs the election form, only the youth may remove his name from the ballots.

During the Election

It's election day, what happens?

So the election team should arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the start of your meeting. They will talk to your OA rep and your scoutmaster to finish filling out any paperwork. Start your meeting as usual. Once your unit finishes with opening, your OA rep or SPL should move the unit to where the election will take place. The election team will then do a quick introductions of themselves and a brief background on the Order of the Arrow. After that, the election team will put on a video that talks about the Order of the Arrow and about the voting process. The team will then talk a little more about our lodge and any questions that the unit members have. Then they will proceed with voting. After the voting, one the members will do a brief Camping Promotions segment for Broad Creek. The ballots will then be collected and the election team moves will count the votes, in private. An eligible member needs to get 51% of the votes turned in order to become eligible to attend an ordeal weekend.

After the Election

Now What?

Your elected youth and adults have one year to complete an ordeal weekend, which are hosted by the lodge. More information is available on the ordeal page. Before attending an ordeal; however, you need to be called out. The chapter call-outs are usually at Merit Badge Madness and Camporee. They can also be done at summer camp. More information on these ceremonies can be found on our Call-out page. Your unit can only hold one election per calendar year (from Jan to Dec).

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