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So your unit has elected you to become a candidate into the Order of the Arrow. Remember, you are not in completely until you complete an Ordeal Weekend. However, you might not even know you have been elected yet. Your scoutmaster may have chosen for your unit to find out at a Call-out ceremony. This ceremony is conducted at most Boy Scout summer camps. Our chapter conducts them at Merit Badge Madness in the spring and Camporee in the fall.

The ceremony will be conducted by Order of the Arrow youth members from multiple units. Adults may help in background capacities before, during, and after the ceremony. Adults could help with drumming in the background, also they help verify paperwork and information. If you want to assist with our ceremony please email the vice chief of ceremonies. He is always looking for members to help with ceremonies.

So far, you have been elected to become a candidate for the Order of the Arrow and attended a call-out ceremony. Now it is time for Ordeal weekend. This is where you will learn the values and mission of the Order of the Arrow. The Ordeal weekend will test you in ways you probably have not been tested before.

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