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Brotherhood Sash


How do you become a Brotherhood member?

It is an easy process to complete. Just follow the steps provided below.

  1. Register for any Council or District event where the OA will be holding a Brotherhood Ceremony. Brotherhood ceremonies are held at District Merit Badge Madness and Camporee. They are also held at every Lodge ordeal.
  2. Write a letter to the Lodge Secretary expressing your personal meaning of the obligation, how you've been fulfilling the obligation, and how you would like to return service to the Lodge.
  3. Study the Brotherhood Study Sheet (The password is the Admonition)
  4. Be a current member in good standing with the Boy Scouts or America and Order of the Arrow
  5. These steps must be taken at least six months after completion of your Ordeal

Why should I become a Brotherhood member?

  1. Brotherhood is confirms your membership in the Order of the Arrow
  2. Helps the Chapter and Lodge complete its JTE Goals
  3. Gain a further understanding of the Order of the Arrow

Contact the Current Vice Chief of Brotherhood for more information on the brotherhood conversion process.

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