Chapter Encouragement Letter

Greetings Brothers and Scoutmasters!

As you are aware, the OA is about serving fellow Scouts, and any Scout elected by his peers into the OA would be an even bigger asset to the troop.

Scouts can't be short-changed of an official BSA national program that's been in existence for over 60 years.

We have been entrusted to run a healthy Scouting program in our Unit. If we don't support our Scouts, especially those elected for the OA or current Arrowmen, we'll be disadvantaging the very young men we're here to serve, support, encourage, and grow into manhood.

It saddens us to notice that many of our Scouts who join the Order of the Arrow rarely participate in OA functions.

Therefore, we are kindly requesting your assistance by supporting our OA Brotherhood. Here are some ideas to increase their participation: